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Wolvey Parish Council is a tier of local government, and deals with civil (not Church) matters.

Members of the public and press are invited to attend the meetings of Wolvey Parish Council. Meetings are usually held on the Third Monday of Every Month  in either Wolvey Baptist Chapel (Summer) or Wolvey Bowling Club (Winter).  Please check latest Agenda for details of date, time and venue for each meeting. The Agenda is posted on noticeboards and on the website 6 days before the meeting.

These are not public meetings, but the public are welcome as observers.  However, there is always an item on the agenda where the public can raise issues that concern them or suggest ways of improving our community. If the subject is on the agenda comments will be taken into consideration or may be addressed at a future meeting.

Do come and see what is being done in the village on your behalf.

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About Your Parish Council
The Role of the Parish Council, what the Council can and cannot do, the structure of the Council etc... Please Click Here

How to become a Parish Councillor:
Click Here  for details

Correspondence should be addressed to;

The Clerk
Jackie Essex
19 Spring Road, Barnacle,

Tel: 02476611112

email: parishclerk@wolvey.org
To contact a Parish Councillor, click on the members list in Useful Links below, to view a Councillors contact details etc., click on the appropriate link.
Wolvey Parish Council on Twitter!!
Wolvey Parish Council continually looks at how it can improve communication with local residents and recently turned its attention to making better use of social media. As part of this, the Council now has a Twitter account. Anyone who uses Twitter can now follow @wolveyPC for the council's latest news and information.
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Latest News
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Note: Parish Meeting !! Postponed !!
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Useful Links:
Members List
Clerk's Information
Diary of Parish Council Meetings
Minutes of Parish Council Meetings
Agenda for Next Meeting
Agendas for Parish Council Meetings
Agendas for Wolvey Environmental Group (WEG) Meetings
WPC Draft Neighbourhood Plan Terms of Reference (PDF)
Action Plan (PDF)
Annual Report
Parish Plan
Minutes - Neighbourhood Planning Advisory Committee (NPAC) (PDFs)
Wolvey Neighbourhood Plan February 2020
Wolvey Neighbourhood Plan September 2020

Wolvey Neighbourhood Plan Executive Summary 2020
Note: “Appendices 1 and 2 will be provided with the Submission version of the Wolvey Neighbourhood Plan.”

Download_Wolvey_Neighbourhood_Plan_Pre-submission_comment form

Wolvey Parish Council Parish Photo/Video Consent Form (PDF)
Link to Rugby Borough Council's Dog Report Form

Defibrillators in Wolvey (PDF)
Wolvey Parish Council Grant Scheme 2020-21 (PDF)
Wolvey Parish Council Grant Scheme, Application Fo
rm2020-21 (PDF)

Councillor Co-option Notice (PDF)

Councillor Co-option Application Form (PDF)
Council-Employers Liability  Certificate 2016 (PDF)
Wolvey Environmental Committee, Terms Of Reference 2016 (PDF)

Code of Conduct (PDF)
Financial Regulations (PDF)

Notice of Conclusion of Audit Year End March 31 2020 (PDF)
Final Audit Report and Certificate 2019-20 (PDF)
Governance and Accounting Statement 2019-20 (PDF)

Wolvey Parish Council Standing Orders (PDF)

Biodiversity Policy (PDF)
Communications and Community Engagement Strategy 2015 (PDF)
Co-option Policy (PDF)

Councillors expenses Policy (PDF)
Equal Opportunities Policy (PDF)

Freedom Of Information Act Publication Scheme
Grants Policy (PDF)
Health and Safety Policy (PDF)

Keeping Children Guidance for Village Groups (PDF)
Newsletter Policy 2015 (PDF)
Posters on Wetland Fence (PDF)
Press and Media Policy (includes Annex A and B) 2015 (PDF)
Public Participation Strategy 2015
Retention of Documents Policy (PDF)
Risk Management Policy (PDF)
Rules to Public Questions (PDF)
Scheme of Delegation (PDF)
Wolvey Parish Council Complaints Policy (PDF)
Wolvey Parish Council Safeguarding Policy (PDF)
Wolvey Parish Council Website Policy (PDF)
Reserves Policy (PDF)

Notice of Conclusion of Audit Year End March 31 2020 (PDF)
Final Audit Report and Certificate 2019-20 (PDF)
Governance and Accounting Statement 2019-20 (PDF)

Wolvey Provision Exercise of Public Rights 2017-18 (PDF)
Final Budget 2021-22 PDF
Bank reconciliation 2017-18 (PDF)
Cash_Book_2017-18 (PDF)

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