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Church Services

The Wolvey group of Parishes
Copston Magna, Withybrook and Wolvey.
St Johns
Copston Magna
All Saints
St John Baptist

Routine Church Business
Minister Rev, Jonathan Vaughan
For all three parishes (including arrangements for Holy Baptism and Marriages) will be dealt with at SURGERIES held in the Millennium Building (Wolvey) on the first Tuesday of each Month between 6.30 - 7.30pm. If this time is impossible, please contact Jonathan Vaughan by telephone on 01455 220385, or by email to revjonathanvaughan@gmail.com
Please note that Jonny's work days are Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays - for urgent business on other days, please contact the Readers or Wardens who will be able to help. See here for Contact details

The electoral roll is being revised and if anyone would like to join, they need to contact Heather White (hethony@gmail.com) by the 18th March 2019.
Click here for Details

For the latest news on services etc. see the church website:  https://wolveygroup.org.uk/

First Sunday of each month:

9.30am    All Age Family Service Wolvey
11.15am  Said Eucharist at Copston Magna
11.15am  Family Service at Withybrook

Second Sunday of each month:
9.30am    Parish Eucharist at Wolvey
11.15am  Eucharist at Withybrook
6.30pm    Evensong at Copston Magna

Third Sunday of each month:
9.30am    Parish Eucharist at Wolvey
11.15am  Martins at Withybrook
6.30pm    Evensong at Burton Hastings

Forth Sunday of each month:
9.30am   Eucharist at Wolvey
11.15am  Eucharist at Withybrook
6.30pm    Evensong at Copston Magna

Fifth Sunday (when it occurs):
9.30am   Group Eucharist at Wolvey for all churches
               in the group (no other services this day).

THE BLESSED SACRAMENT is reserved at Wolvey for the sick and housebound on request. Please contact David Hopkins on 01455 220152 or Yvonne Pitt on 01455 220157

Wolvey is very fortunate in having a beautiful medieval church which is often visited by people from all over the world. Sadly it is not possible to leave the church open and unattended all of the time, be we do want it to be possible for people to see inside as much as is practicable. The church is often open for people Churchwarden Stan Warner on 01455 615402 or M. Bennett on 07733 036475 are often around and both are willing to open the building for viewing. These numbers are on the notice board in the church porch.

Where to find us in Wolvey:
Click Here to view or download Wolvey Map

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