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The Chapel's history

History Timeline
In 1768, the first known Baptist dissenter in Wolvey opened his house for religious worship. The village grocer, George Toone, had brought the Baptist faith to this small Warwickshire village. He had been "influenced by some words at Kegworth" in 1760 and joined the New 'Connection' Baptist Church in the neighboring town of Hinckley. As such, Wolvey was, and continued to be, a subsidiary of the Hinckley church until 1815, when Wolvey took the step to branch out on its own.

Toone opened his home to other villagers for Baptist worship with the aid of his two friends, John and Richard Shipman, The membership gradually increased, until in 1789 it was necessary for a meeting house to be built. The land cost 57 pounds and 15 shillings and was bought by Toone and Samuel Walker from a man named "cooper".

The chapel has adapted through the years. A rebuild of the original structure in 1803, school­rooms added to support the younger genera­tions, the addition of a Baptistery to move to­wards complete independence, and the creation of galleries to cope with the ever increasing congregation.

1760 George Toone begins attending Hinckley Baptist Church

1768 George Toone opens his house to villagers for Baptist worship

1789 Original Meeting House built

1803 Present day Meeting House built   

1815 Chapel becomes independent and a Baptistery built

1818 School rooms and a vestry built

1818, 1829, & 1913 New pews and seating bought

1834 Internal gallery constructed

1857 School rooms enlarged

1865 Communion table purchased

1914 Pyramid roves added to porch­es

1925 Pipe organ purchased 1980rs WC built

1990s Windows replaced

2009 Organ Refurbished

2011 Schoolrooms Refurbished

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The Chapel today

Wolvey Baptist Chapel began life as a simple yet over­flowing meeting house. It stands today as a substantial and elaborate place of worship. Over the past few years the chapel has seen difficulties largely due to a dwindling population.

However, the current minister and church committee are active and fund-raising to safe-guard the future of the chapel for the village and villagers. A great deal of work and effort has already been put into revitalize the building, creating a community space with disabled access, a meeting room and a new and fully-functioning kitchen.

The chapel welcomes new members and anyone wishing to support the future of the church. It still remains an active and important part of Wolvey village life, and all are welcome to join our weekly services and special events.

We hold regular general worship services every Sunday at 3pm, along with a range of special events and celebration services.

For more information please contact:

Adrian Warwick
01455 220028

Meeting Spaces

We have recently renovated our meeting and function room area. An ideal solution for meetings, exhibitions, rehearsals, or events.  
Newly Fitted Kitchen  
Refurbished upstairs Meeting Room

Facilities include:
Fitted kitchen  
Meeting space for up to 30
Disabled access
For further information or to book the space please contact: 
Adrian Warwick
01455 220028

Email the Chapel:

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