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The Old Cricket Field Wetland Reserve
Set in 3.5 acres, the Wolvey "Old Cricket Field" Wetland Reserve has pools, reed beds, grassland, a stream, boardwalks and a bridge leading to a woodland walk, this was expanded in 2016 to form a circular walk and include a 2nd bridge. There is a wide range of plants plus a diversity of mammals, birds, insects and amphibians. Wolvey Wetland Reserve is owned and managed by Wolvey Parish Council.
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Wolvey Wetland Reserve
Jackie Essex
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Where to find us in Wolvey:
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Wolvey Environmental Committee (WEC)
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Wolvey Wetland Reserve - History
Cricket on the Old Cricket Field

The reserve was originally a boggy field in a small Hamlet known locally as Sanford.  In the early 1900's the land was levelled and drained to provide Wolvey with a village cricket field. The old cricket field closed in 1957 and the land  returned to pasture where for many years cattle grazed. In 1962, the new Wolvey playing field was opened  off Bulkington Road which provided  improved facilities for playing cricket. By the end of the 1990's, however, the land at the Old Cricket Field had become increasingly swampy.

In 1999, to celebrate the Millennium, a group of villagers decided to buy some land for the future enjoyment of Wolvey residents . The site of the old cricket field was identified  because of the relative scarcity of this type of habitat. Negotiations with the land owners Gallifords/ Try and the award of a grant from the Warwickshire Environmental Trust enabled the land to be purchased by Wolvey Parish Council in 2002. Named as Wolvey Old Cricket Field Wetland Reserve and Locally as Wolvey Wetland Reserve it is owned and managed by Wolvey Parish council. Since its acquisition, benches have been placed for the quiet enjoyment of the surroundings. Notices show the diverse flora and fauna to be found throughout the year. The Old Cricket Field has won acclaim not just from the resident and visiting wildlife.










Wolvey Wetland Reserve - Fields in Trust
he Fields in Trust is a deed of dedication obtained through Queen Elizabeth
's II Field's challenge. It is a project proposed by HRH Prince William to celebrate his Grandmother's Diamond Jubilee. The aim was to ensure that 2012 open spaces would be kept for perpetuity, to ensure green spaces for the next generation and beyond. An inspection of each site that applied for this deed of dedication, was carried out, to ensure that there was access for all, and that the space was looked after and would be maintained in the future.

Both Wolvey Wetland Reserve and Wolvey Playing Field were accepted, and both received a plaque and deeds of dedication, ensuring these two green spaces will be safe from development for the future. Click Here for Details

Wolvey's Award winning Wetland:

In the 2017 Rugby in Bloom annual competition Wolvey Environmental Group won the Gold Environmental Award and Wolvey Old Cricket Field Wetland Reserve has won either GOLD or Silver Awards for the Environment every year since 2009. In 2010 the Reserve won Rugby in Bloom Gold and Overall Winner in the Environmental Category and in 2009 Wolvey Wetland Reserve won the Environmental Projects section of the Warwickshire Best Village of the Year Competition plus Gold in the 2009 Rugby in Bloom Environment section.

For details of  the Best Village Competitions and Rugby in Bloom Awards: Click Here

Wonderful Wetlands
Wetland habitat such as this in increasingly rare and therefore environmental groups such as Warwickshire Wildlife Trust are keen to assist in the management of the reserve.

For a brief description of the make up of Wolvey Wetland by Louise Sutherland former Wetland Project Officer, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust: Click here

The Wetland Wildlife
Snipe and Muntjac deer have been spotted on the wetland, great crested newts are present, robins and wrens fly up to greet you as you walk down the boardwalk. There are also a resident woodpeckers and a barn owl is often seen at dusk. In the snow, fox tracks were visible on the boardwalk treads, as well as many bird and fowl tracks, which tells a tale of much activity there, super to see.

For more information on Snipe: Click Here

Wolvey Wetland Reserve Bird Log:
A log of species spotted on the reserve between 2008 - 2014 has been compiled by Andrew Dixon -
To View or Download Log: Click Here

Water Vole
Water Vole have colonised the banks of various water courses in and around Wolvey. Water voles are on the ‘at risk’ list so we are very lucky to have them in the area… please respect them. They are legally protected and it is an offence to disturb their habitat. For more information on Water Vole: Click Here

Providing Habitats
Habitat such as Wolvey Old Cricket Field Wetland Reserve are increasingly rare and therefore environmental groups such as Warwickshire Wildlife Trust are keen to assist in the management of the reserve. Since its creation Wolvey Environmental Group has provided a variety of habitats both for fauna and flora, from Bat and Owl boxes to a Mini-Beast Mansion in the woodland walk.

To view some of the habitats the group has created: Click Here

See also Wolvey Environmental Group - Wildlife Based Information and Downloads: Click Here For Details

The Woodland Walk


 The Wetland also boasts a small section of woodland accessed via the Boardwalk Extension via an Old Cattle Bridge, it is bordered by a stream on the Wetland side and a meadow on the other. In 2016/7 volunteers from Wolvey Environmental Group build a new bridge across the stream plus a new gridded path back though trees planted in 2009 which now provides a route back onto the Boardwalk Spur.

For views and more information on the Woodland Walk: Click Here:

The Boardwalk:


During the autumn of 2008 The Wolvey Environmental Group (& Friends) built a 198 metre boardwalk across the Wetland allowing access through the site for everyone. The boardwalk was built entirely of recycled plastic materials supplied by SECURE-A-FIELD of Coventry, designed & constructed by the Wolvey Environmental Group and local volunteers. The construction of the original boardwalk was made possible by the award of grants of from the Big Lottery Fund, from the Rugby Rural Development Fund and an additional grant from Wolvey Parish Council.

Views of the Boardwalk
For views of the Boardwalk from South to North and North to South. Click Here:

Building The Boardwalk
Views of the boardwalk construction which gives an indication of the adverse conditions the group had to overcome during the build: Click Here:

Repairing & Stabilising the Boardwalk
In June 2015, following the 10 month closure of the Wetland, Wolvey Environmental Group members and friends took on the major task of repairing and stabilising the Boardwalk at the reserve. Click Here

The Boardwalk Extension: 


An extension of the boardwalk was completed in 2009 to allow improved access over a stream via an old cattle bridge to the woodland walks.

In 2009, Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE) and the Warwickshire Rural Community Council (WRCC) awarded a grant for volunteers  to construct an extension of the boardwalk which allowed improved access over a stream via an old cattle bridge to the woodland walk.
Wolvey Parish Council is grateful to these organisations for making it possible to improve access through the site, so everyone can enjoy the natural environment of the reserve. The grants allowed the purchase the materials but all the labour and skill to construct the boardwalk came from a keen group of local volunteers.
For more pictures of the Boardwalk Extension:
Click Here:

Repairing & Stabilising the Boardwalk Extension
Following the repairing and stabilising the main boardwalk in at the reserve in 2015, members of Wolvey Environmental Group repaired and stabilised the boardwalk Spur. Click Here

Signage Boards  
Original Signage Boards were redesigned and renewed in 2006, New Main Signs and Notice Boards were installed in 2009 and the internal Pictorial Nature Boards were updated for 2016/17. For views of current signage: Click Here:

The Wicker Sculptures
There Playing Cricket on the Old Cricket field Again: Click Here:

Managing and Maintaining the Wetland Reserve:
The all important management plan and working document for the reserve has been agreed by Wolvey Parish Council. This is great for reference when advice is needed. Members of our group also attend various workshops at Brandon Marsh Nature Centre to widen our knowledge of reptiles, insects and all things flora and fauna.

Birds and plant life has been surveyed, log pile habitats created including an eco - log table and mini - beast mansion, plus owl and bat boxes have been constructed and are now in situ. Also many plants, birds, animals and insects have been photographed and recorded for future reference.

Wetland Projects and Working Parties
A great deal of work has already been done by the group's working parties, ongoing maintenance  includes repairing and repainting the fences, reed bed reduction, tree management, grass cutting etc. Clearing and tidying continues inside the reserve.

Projects for 2016
Building a bridge and new pathway (with grass grids) from the woodland walk back to the main seating area - Achieved December 2016.
Review and replace Internal signage at the wetland - Achieved

Repair sections of Fence between Woodland Walk and Meadow - Achieved.
Projects for 2017
Major tidy up following Tree Surgery in the Old Woodland Walk - Achieved
Clear Reed in Wetland Pond - Achieved

Repair sections of Fence between Woodland Walk and Meadow - Achieved.
Create a Wildflower Meadow inside the perimeter fence at the top of the Wetland -

Projects Completed 2013/15
Click Here
Projects Completed 2012/13

Click Here
Projects Completed 2011/12
Click Here
Projects Completed 2010/11
Click here
Projects Completed 2009/10
Click Here
Major Projects Completed in 2009:

Boardwalk Extension:
Click here
New Signage: Click here
They're Playing Cricket again at the Wetland! Click here
Major Projects Completed in 2008:

Construction of the Boardwalk
: Click here

See also Wolvey Environmental Group's Wildlife based Information and Downloads: Click Here for Details

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